Clinic is No longer performing abortions

  • Staff failed to safely administer and store medications. There were unlabeled 12 cc syringes filled with clear liquid in the procedure room. There was another 1 cc syringe of clear liquid in the refrigerator of the sterilization room that was unlabeled. The employee who was interviewed explained that the medications were Lidocaine and a TB test. When the inspector reviewed this employee’s file, she is not trained in medication preparation
  • Staff not qualified to perform the duties assigned
  • Staff member (LVN) not certified in CPR. This violation for the same employee was found in July of 2012 and on this inspection in April of 2013. The employee stated in July that she would call that day to have find out how to re-cert. The next day, she was interviewed and had not done it because they were very busy the day before. Now, in April 2013 she still had not renewed her CPR certification.

The report we received for this clinic for January 2019 is heavily redacted. 

  • Facility failed to meet infection control standards. The autoclave logs lacked proper documentation for the loads so there is no way to indicate whether the loads were properly sterilized.
  • Review of patient records revealed that a patient received a medication abortion but no time was indicated of when the medication was administered. There is no way of knowing if the sonogram was performed on the patient 24 hours before the procedure.
  • Women were not given the phone number to the nearest hospital to their house.
  • Staff administering direct patient care were not CPR certified. (repeat violation)


  • Facility used unsterile transvaginal probes on patients that had not been sterilized between patient use
  • Use of expired medical equipment (sutures)
  • Facility refused to label the sonogram election form as “unborn child” rather than “fetus” as required by SB8
  • No bathroom sign about human trafficking was posted
  • Expired medication available for use
  • Staff was not CPR certified (repeat violation)
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DISCLAIMER: All of the inspection reports on this site were acquired through public records request to state departments of health and public records online.