• Facility had no documentation of licensure or certification for the registered nurse who administered anesthesia. One had no record of licensure and the others license was expired
  • Patients not given a copy of their rights and responsibilities as required by the state
  • The inspector observed a a patient from intake to recovery. A staff member came in and administered an IV to the patient without speaking to the patient, never introduced him/herself, and did not instruct the patient on what was about to happen or the drug being administered into the port. Staff member remained completely silent. Staff went to the foot of the exam table, spread the patient’s legs and hung them over the stirrups. No drape was used leaving the patient completely exposed from the waist down. Introductions were made after medication was administered and the patient appeared to be falling asleep. The procedure was eventually completed and it was noted that the patient had been completely exposed from the waist down for 30 minutes and the doctor never introduced himself to the patient.
  • Staff disregarded patient’s allergies noted in her chart as well as her allergy band and offered her a snack that contained an allergen
  • Staff violated HIPAA by discussing patient’s health history, birth control plans, personal and confidential information in the presence of another patient in recovery
  • Medical records were not stored securely.
  • Facility failed to keep a complete and accurate medical record: no estimated gestational age of the fetus, no physicians signature on discharge, no signature of who performed the counseling, no record of who administered anesthesia, no progress or recovery notes, forms filled out in pencil, dates crossed out
  • The physician walked out of the interview with the inspector when confronted with the medical record issues
  • Facility’s quality improvement committee did not have the required members. The committee failed to include a physician and an individual with the demonstrated ability to represent the rights and concerns of patients. The committee also failed to provide an annual report to the governing body.
  • Staff failed to clean and disinfect the procedure room between patients.
  • Clinic administrator acted as the surgical assistant on an abortion procedure but did not wear proper protective equipment to prevent splash or splatter. She wore no outer gown or eye protection as required according to the facility’s PPE policy for procedures. She handled the tubing from the suction machine and the POC (products of conception) in the glass jar. The clinic counselor cleaned the room after the procedure.
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DISCLAIMER: All of the inspection reports on this site were acquired through public records request to state departments of health and public records online.