Clinic is Limited to fetal heartbeat detection/6 weeks

  • No background checks on file for staff
  • The facility had no documentation of CPR training for staff
  • There was no documentation of orientation for staff
  • There was no documentation of HIPAA training for staff
  • There was no job description for 2 staff members
  • The job description for one of the physician listed that he would perform abortion procedures up to 19.6 weeks when the state regulations is that abortions over 18 weeks would be performed in a hospital.
  • Facility did not comply with the state’s Woman’s Right to Know act by performing abortions before the 60 minute required waiting period after the sonogram
  • Facility failed to follow the state’s regulations for disposal of fetal remains or the infectious waste disposal regulations
  • The facility did not have a written policy regarding fetal death or death certificates
  • In 100% of the records reviewed there was no documentation of the clinical assistant who was present during the abortion procedure
  • Facility failed to maintain complete and accurate patient records
Report 2015
DISCLAIMER: All of the inspection reports on this site were acquired through public records request to state departments of health and public records online.