Abortion Clinics in Kansas are not required to be licensed and are not inspected. 


The 2011 Kansas legislature passed a bill that is codified at K.S.A. 65-4a01 et seq. that requires the KDHE to license abortion facilities. The KDHE adopted regulations pursuant to K.S.A. 65-4a09, but implementation of those regulations was stayed by the Shawnee County District Court in lawsuit: Hodes & Nauser, MDs, P.A.; Herbert C. Hodes, M.D.; and Traci Lynn Nauser, M.D., Plaintiffs v. Robert Moser, M.D., Secretary, KDHE; Stephen Howe, D.A., Johnson County; and Derek Schmidt, A.G., State of Kansas, Defendants, Case No. 2011-CV-001298.

In that case the Plaintiffs challenged the promulgation of final rules governing the licensing of abortion facilities. The Court granted a stay that prevented the KDHE from licensing of abortion facilities in the state and enforcing the regulations. That stay is still in effect. It can be expected that whatever the district court decides, the decision will be appealed. The matter is in a holding pattern awaiting the completion of discovery in the case.

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