• Failed to maintain a complete and accurate medical record on abortion patients.
  • History and physicals were not authenticated
  • Arrival and departure times were conflicting with the procedure start and stop times
  • Provider didn’t sign off on abortion history
  • No products of conception tissue exam documented
  • Procedure was documented as starting at 16:56 and stopping at 16:12
  • Patient was discharged at 4:10 but vital signs were documented as being done at 5:00
  • Sedation preference not documented (local only or NSAID)
  • No consent forms read or signed before the procedure
  • Counseling was not completed per policy on patients regarding RH negative (Rhogam injection needed) and post procedure hygiene.
  • NO infection control committee or current policy and procedures are in place.
  • Biohazardous waste was kept in a locked closet until the waste company could pick it up. The closet was not marked indicating that it contained biohazard material.


  • The management did not review the facility’s Quality Assessment and Improvement Program for laundry and pharmacy
  • A policy for employee practice problems (impaired healthcare workers, criminal history, and disciplinary action) was not in place
  • The facility did not have a written policy that provided safeguards to assure protection of medical records from fire, water, and other sources of damage
  • A Physician’s credentials were not checked before hiring
  • The facility did not have a policy for reporting adverse reactions and medications errors to the physician responsible for the patient
  • The staff failed to document electrical current leakage of patient care equipment
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