• Failed to properly store human pathological waste (fetal remains).
  • The facility failed to report the possible sexual abuse of minors to the appropriate state agencies.
  • The narcotics cabinet was not inventoried by a physician or pharmacist as required
  • The facility failed to maintain temperatures in accordance with established guidelines in the Recovery Area.
  • Clinic has no patient safety committee
  • The facility failed to adopt governing body bylaws that were applicable to the surgery center and that described the authority to the person in charge and to the medical staff. Essentially, there was no delineation of responsibility which means no accountability.
  • The certified Nurse Anesthetist was not registered with the National Practitioner Data Bank and no documentation that each of the physician-surgical providers were privileged for supervision of the CRNA.
  • There is no policy regarding Nursing Policies and Procedures.
  • Facility failed to maintain a sanitary environment
    • The facility’s lab refrigerator / freezer, for storing control tests, revealed the refrigerator / freezer had a build up of ice within the refrigerator.
    • There were gauze packs stored under the sink in the procedure room.
    • Instruments were not being sterilized properly
    • A bench where patients sit to get dressed had dark stains on it; carpet was soiled with dark stains
  • Failed to maintain accurate and complete records regarding anesthesia
  • Clinic failed to notify a patient who was affected by a serious event within seven days of the occurrence or discovery of the event
  • Upon re-inspection, this facility failed to correct deficient practice and failed to follow the plan of correction they submitted to the State concerning the establishment and governance of a patient safety committee.
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DISCLAIMER: All of the inspection reports on this site were acquired through public records request to state departments of health and public records online.