Clinic is No longer performing abortions

  • Failure to ensure staff are properly trained. Three of three nurses who currently provide conscious sedation to patients did not have documentation of orientation or training for the administration of conscious sedation.
  • Failure to accurately document patient records. Records did not include results of the physician’s examination.
  • Failure to train, comply with, and ensure infection control standards. Facility did not track infections of patients in hopes of minimizing sources and transmission of infection.
  • Facility also failed to document personnel Hep B status.
  • Staff failed to wear proper surgical attire in and out of Operating Rooms.
  • Failure to ensure a safe and sanitary environment. Facility failed to properly sanitize instruments and equipment. Trash, dust and debris found in areas where sterile supplies are stored. Outside shipping containers stored with sterile supplies. Biohazard box stored next to sterile patient supplies. Carts of supplies were found covered with dust and improperly labeled.
  • Failure to ensure preventative maintenance was conducted on all emergency equipment.
    • No oxygen tank available for patient use.
    • No documentation of maintenance of autoclave.
    • No preventative maintenance stickers on two suction machines available for use on patients.
    • Portable fire extinguishers were not regularly checked or maintained.
  • Expired meds and supplies.
  • Failure to comply with building standards.
    • Exposed wires were found near where water runs into the washing machine.
    • Outlet found with no cover.
    • Plaster missing from walls making it impossible to clean the wall.
Report 2016
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