• Facility failed to have a quality assurance program that provided oversight for patient complaints, emergencies, competency, and safety
  • Failed to maintain accurate and complete medical records.
  • Facility failed to provide a TB skin test for staff putting the health and welfare of staff and patients at risk
  • Failed to follow their own policy for monitoring patient’s vital signs in the recovery room.
  • Facility failed to provide a safe and healthy environment that minimizes infection exposure and risk to patients and health care workers
  • Staff was storing blood vials in the refrigerator along with medications and performing Rh testing on the same countertop used to prepare medications and/or other lab tests. This has the potential for transmitting infectious agents.
  • The clinic failed to ensure that an employee hand washing facility was available in the room where clean or soiled linen is processed and handled for one facility.
  • Clinic failed to ensure electrical current leakage checks were done for 6 of 6 pieces of patient care equipment (2 autoclaves, 2 exam lights and 2 exam tables).


  • Repeat violation: The clinic management failed to review their Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement Program every 6 months
  • Repeat violation:  Patients’ vital signs were not checking during the recovery stage of their care
  • Medicine for patients was set on counter next to urine and blood specimens for testing, risking patients’ exposure to harmful pathogens
  • The clinic did not have a staff member designated responsible for the facilities infection control activities
  • There was no documentation that staff was properly trained to clean and sanitize exam rooms, lab, and equipment
  • Expired medications were in use
  • Medication was stored in an unsecured cabinet and refrigerator where patients could easily access it
  • An oxygen tank was insecurely leaned up against a desk, creating a potential hazard
  • The staff did not properly maintain medical equipment like the defibrillator and suction machines
  • Repeat violation: The clinic staff did not maintain accurate and complete Medical Records
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DISCLAIMER: All of the inspection reports on this site were acquired through public records request to state departments of health and public records online.