Clinic is No longer performing abortions

  • Failure to ensure all patients left the facility in the care of a responsible adult. Seven patient records from those reviewed showed no evidence that patient left facility in the company of a responsible adult and there was no documentation from physician or advanced practice nurse noting the patient capable of leaving unattended.
  • Failure to ensure a safe and sanitary environment for all surgical patients. Pieces of debris and trash were found in both operating rooms including used alcohol pads. When asked if the operating rooms had been cleaned staff stated “it was their understanding that ORs are cleaned at the end of the day” meaning they assumed it had been cleaned at end of day the day before. The bed foot rests in both ORs were covered with a sock. When asked if the socks were changed between patients, staff stated they were not. Facility was filthy with dust, tape residue, evidence of poor cleaning techniques, sterile instruments left open or sealed in such a way that there was no proof of proper sterilization.
  • Failure to train, comply with, and ensure infection control standards. Surgical tubing and instruments were stored under a sink with no protective barrier against splash contamination. In facility supply room there were 8 external shipping containers stored above patient care items. External storage containers are exposed to any number of outside contaminants en route and are considered dirty items. Two autoclaves were also stored in the supply room. This constitutes a cross contamination risk.
  • Failure to properly secure and store medications. In the supply room were found multi-dose vials of lidocaine, including one open vial stored loose in a drawer.
Report 2015
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