• No criminal background checks on employees, including the doctor. This facility performs procedures on patients (minors) under the age of 18
  • The facility failed to report the emergency transfer of a patient who hemorrhaged after her abortion. No investigation or report to the Department and Patient Safety Authority were provided.
  • Upon review of the facility’s patient safety committee meeting notes, there was no mention of the patient’s transfer to the emergency room by ambulance in the meetings. The committee made no review or recommendations regarding this patient’s adverse event.
  • The facility failed to protect the confidentiality of patient’s personal health information. Medical records were not kept confidential.
  • The facility failed to administer a Rhogam injection to patient’s who are Rh negative. If the blood from Rh-positive baby enters the mother’s Rh-negative bloodstream, there will be a blood type mismatch. This is called Rh-incompatibility. Her immune system sees the baby’s red blood cells as “foreign” and will produce antibodies that try to eliminate them. RhoGAM, IF given to her at the right time, will prevent her immune system from reacting to the baby’s blood. The clinic failed to administer this necessary medication to the patients.
  • Expired medications were in use in the emergency kit.
  • The facility failed to ensure a licensed nurse was in attendance in the recovery room during the time the patient was recovering following a surgical abortion
  • The facility failed to ensure only nonflammable agents were used for pre-surgical skin preparations. Inspection revealed Hibiclens was used by the physician to prep the cervix prior to the surgical procedure.
  • The facility failed to ensure women presenting to the facility for an abortion were provided the Department of Health printed materials which describe the unborn child; the list of agencies which offer alternatives to abortion; the right to review the printed materials; and a copy provided to her free of charge if she chooses to review it. This is a violation of the woman’s right to know.
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DISCLAIMER: All of the inspection reports on this site were acquired through public records request to state departments of health and public records online.