Clinic is No longer performing abortions

  • The clinic had no job descriptions which included qualifications for all personnel providing direct or indirect patient care. 5 of 6 employee files had no job description in their file.
  • The ultrasound machine, pulse oximeter, suction machine and other equipment had not been inspected.
  • Staff was not CPR certified
  • Physician did not provide the patients with the name and phone number of the closest hospital. The phone number provided in case of emergencies was for a staff member who lives and works in Houston who does not have access to the patient’s medical record information.
  • The staff was using adulterated medications. They had split 2 mg Ativan tablets using a pill cutter and put the fragments in a bottle labeled as 1 mg Ativan. The pieces were different shapes and sizes and did not represent uniform halves and could not be guaranteed to measure as 1 mg of the medication.
  • There was no narcotics sheet to monitor this schedule IV narcotic(Ativan).
  • The facility failed to post signs stating that it is illegal for a person, even an individual’s parents, to force a person to have an abortion. These signs are required by law.
  • Most of the report for January 2019 is redacted so we have no idea what the other violations in the clinic are.
  • Staff was uncertified in BLS and CPR
  • Physician did not take history and physical immeditately prior to abortion procedure to evaluate risk and assess if the patient was healthy enough for the procedure
  • Facility failed to provide patients with information on how to access the nearest hospital to their homes should an emergency or complication arise from their abortions
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DISCLAIMER: All of the inspection reports on this site were acquired through public records request to state departments of health and public records online.