Clinic is Closed

  • No evidence of post procedure patient follow up and monitoring of post procedure infections for 11 of 11 charts reviewed
  • The complication call log only had info for the month preceding the inspection
  • No infection control training for several employees
  • No TB test and Hep vaccination or titers on several employees putting patients and employees at a greater health risk
  • The facility failed to maintain and safe and sanitary environment to protect the health and safety of patients and minimize the transmission of infections
  • No policy or procedure developed for the handling and storage of narcotics/pharmaceuticals used for surgery. Narcotics kept in a cabinet available to unlicensed personnel. Syringes drawn up and kept unlabeled under the suction machine
  • Untrained staff administering anesthesia with no competency or comprehension recorded
  • The cushions on recovery recliners were ripped exposing patients to infectious waste as they could not be cleaned properly and simply absorbed whatever bodily fluids were wasted on the chair
  • A suction container was found under the kitchen sink
  • Expired suction catheters being used, some as old as 6 years
  • Syringes of meds drawn up and not labeled
  • Failed to follow proper procedure for sterilization of instruments used inside of each woman for abortion procedure
  • Failed to maintain a complete and accurate record for patients having abortion procedures. In 11 of 11 charts reviewed, there was no date and no legible signature in the patient’s chart for recovery period and discharge.
  • Failed to screen for minors for sexual abuse
  • Patients being discharged after sedation did not have a designated driver
  • Personal items stored under the sink in the sonogram and procedure room
  • No phone number of nearest hospital given to patients
  • Staff not CPR certified
  • Improper sterilization of equipment used from woman to woman
  • Someone other than the doctor was performing abortions (administering mifeprex)
  • Tears and rips on the exam tables, rust on the foot rests
  • No follow up appointments for patients receiving medication abortion. None of the charts reviewed had been scheduled for a follow up visit
  • Staff did not wear PPE to protect against infectious bodily fluid transmission
  • Staff was observed using dirty sink to clean medical instruments in dirty processing room
  • The clinic director was confronted on her employee not wearing PPE and stated the employee is aware of the policy regarding PPE, but chooses to ignore it. When another employee was confronted on refusing to wear PPE, she just said she has not contracted an infection yet and would not commit to changing her behavior to comply with safety standards for infection control in the clinic.
  • Patients were not given written discharge instructions including access to nearest hospital and symptoms to watch for that would indicate emergency complications from the abortions
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DISCLAIMER: All of the inspection reports on this site were acquired through public records request to state departments of health and public records online.