• Employee competency, orientation or training not documented for two consecutive inspections (2 years);
  • Facility failed to follow its own procedures for sterilization, competency, and performance evaluations for two consecutive inspections (2 years);
  • Facility failed to maintain a safe and sanitary environment to protect the health of the patients at all times for two consecutive inspections (2 years);
  • Staff members had no infection control training for two consecutive inspections (2 years);
  • No current TB skin test or Hepatitis vaccination status on record for the staff. Facility did not provide staff with TB test or Hepatitis vaccinations;
  • No policy for decontamination, disinfection, and sterilization procedures for surgical instruments;
  • Staff member used AJAX, an abrasive powedered bleach cleaner, to scrub the surgical instruments;
  • Facility failed to follow their own policy for biological testing of the sterilizer to ensure no bacterial growth which may result in failed sterilization of instruments;
  • Personnel who were drawing blood from patients were not licensed and not trained by licensed personnel;
  • Failed to keep a complete and accurate record on patients;
  • Personnel failed to document respirations of patients before sedation, during sedation, during the procedure, and post procedure in all 10 of the charts reviewed;
  • Physician violated the 24 hour sonogram law. Abortion performed on same day as the sonogram and on some, medication abortion was initiated before the sonogram;
  • Medication abortion patients were not scheduled for a follow up within 14 days;
  • Staff was not CPR certified.
  • Medication abortion was being administered by someone other than the physician. There was not signature or indication that the physician administered the drugs. However, staff stated that the physician administered the medication.
  • There was no human trafficking signage in the patient restrooms. These signs are required by Texas law
  • One employee had not completed training for identifying and assisting victims of human trafficking.
  • This facility violated the sonogram law.
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DISCLAIMER: All of the inspection reports on this site were acquired through public records request to state departments of health and public records online.