• 4 of 4 operating tables were unsafe. If the tables were plugged in, patients would feel electric shock..Tables failed several previous inspections;
  • Failure to monitor and evaluate all aspects of patient care, failure to follow QA protocol;
  • No policies and procedures to receive, investigate, and report findings in regards to complaints;
  • Failure to document discharge status of 5 of 5 patients;
  • Failure to have written transfer agreement with a hospital for continuity of care;
  • Failure to notify patients that Physician A did not carry malpractice insurance;
  • Failure to utilize personnel that had appropriate training and qualifications for the services they provided;
  • Failure to ensure personnel had appropriate training and qualifications for the services they provided;
  • Failure to ensure 8 of 9 staff had documentation of orientation appropriate to tasks they performed;
  • Failure to provide documentation of staff administering intravenous sedation;
  • Failure to ensure attending or discharging physician documented the circumstances of discharge in the patient’s medical records.


  • The governing body failed to evaluate the quality assurance and performance improvement program annually which had the potential to affect all the patients who had abortions at this facility.
  • The patient care policies for the facility did not address how patient’s should be treated with consideration, respect and dignity. The policies also did not address the patient’s right to refuse or withdraw treatment, the right to access her medical record, and the right to received a detailed explanation of the charges.
  • Expired medications were available for patient use.
  • Failed to maintain accurate and complete medical records. Staff failed to obtain family history on patients.


  • The facility failed to ensure there was a functioning governing body for oversight of the operation of the facility.
  • The facility had no staff – only one administrator and two physicians. Records had been cleared out. There was a disagreement over contract with the management company and they left taking policies and procedures with them. The management company had taken all documentation of significance including liability insurance and contract arrangement with providers.
  • The facility was not providing services for patients after the exit of the management company on 6/22/18.

As of 11/13/19 – this facility is only providing medication abortion services.

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DISCLAIMER: All of the inspection reports on this site were acquired through public records request to state departments of health and public records online.