Health Violations

  • Failed to keep an accurate and complete medical record on all patients receiving care
  • No documentation of sedation in charts, no time on the consent signed by patient which puts the required 18 hour wait time in question
  • Failed to provide a safe and healthful environment that minimizes the infecion exposure and risk
  • Tears in exam tables, one in the area where patient’s vaginal area is exposed for procedures
  • No immunizations on record, no TB skin test on record for employees
  • Staff not observing the wait times after administration of sedation medications in order to speed up the process and push patients through faster
  • Failed to properly clean and sanitize equipment (intracavity vaginal ultrasound probe) used from woman to woman
  • Expired medications being stored for patient use
  • The condition of the overall clinic posed a safety hazard to patients, staff and visitors
  • The clinic did not implement quality assurance oversight according to its own policy and procedure
  • Staff was dispensing controlled substances without a registration
  • Facility failed to include and review serious adverse events in the quality assurance program
  • No nurse present for infection control meetings
  • Fire extinguishers not maintained and inspected as required
  • Preventative maintenance not performed on patient equipment


  • The clinic management had no documentation of implantation of internal or external disaster and emergency preparedness plans
  • There was no policy in place to ensure that unauthorized individuals couldn’t gain access to medical records
  • Clean and soiled laundry were not separated properly
  • The management failed to maintain its required medical staff procedures for emergency transfers at the clinic
  • Multiple ready to use supplies were expired
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DISCLAIMER: All of the inspection reports on this site were acquired through public records request to state departments of health and public records online.