• This facility is licensed as an abortion clinic but was performing other surgeries, i.e. gastrointestinal and urology, however there was no GI consultant for the facility as required.
  • The facility has no xray machine. Per policy, there should be a pre-operative and post-operative count of sponges, needles, and knife blades. If an item cannot be found, then an xray should be performed to determine if the article was left inside the patient. Because this facility has no xray machine, this policy cannot be upheld and the patient would have to be sent outside the facility for the xray if the needles or other articles do not match the count. So rather than purchase the xray machine, the plan of correction for this facility was to change their policy.
  • The background checks were not done on 10 of 10 employees at the facility.
Report 2014
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