Clinic is Closed

  • There was no appointed medical director at this clinic when surveyors inspected the records.
  • The facility had competing/conflicting policies and procedures
  • The staff could not identify a medical director or determine who was in charge to make overall decisions in the clinic
  • This facility had no written and implemented orientation and training program
  • Facility failed to enforce infection control practices to prevent cross-contamination and postoperative infections
  • Staff was handling tissue specimens and drawing up medications in the same area. The staff did not use proper hand washing technique, aseptic technique when drawing up medications, personal protective equipment, and other universal precautions.
  • No biological indicator was being used in the sterile processing of instruments to ensure the load was sterile.
  • The facility was not clean to standard. Dried blood was present on lamps and sharps containers, dust was present on counters and other surfaces.
  • Expired medications were in use in the emergency cart
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