• Staff administered IV fluids without a physician’s order
  • The exit doors to the facility were not kept free from obstruction. Doors were blocked by a gurney, bags of trash, a stool and a desk
  • The clinic failed to conduct fire drills as required.
  • Procedure rooms were not equipped with hands-free features.
  • The fire alarm system was not functioning properly
  • Facility failed to maintain fire and smoke dampers for proper ventilation
  • There was no job description for circulating nurses
  • There was no documentation of spore testing for the sterilizer that processes the instruments that are used from woman to woman. This is a violation of the infection control standard. There is no way of verifying the effectiveness of the sterilizer without the spore testing
  • Staff failed to include a post procedure follow up counseling note. The administrator noted on the plan of correction that “due to the nature of the procedures, many of our patients explicitly express that they do not want to be contacted post-procedure for confidentiality reasons.”
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