• The clinic had no written policy or standard for patient discharge
  • The facility broke the law by failing to obtain informed consent on a minor for an abortion from their parent or guardian or proof of emancipation
  • The floor was visibly soiled.
  • The ultrasound machine was dirty.
  • The exam table in the operating room had rust on it.
  • There were no written discharge orders or criteria for all of the patient records reviewed.
  • Staff failed to maintain and monitor controlled substances according to regulations.
  • All of the records reviewed were incomplete. NO discharge orders, NO progress notes, NO condition of the patient upon discharge. The facility has NO discharge form
  • No emergency call button or pull cord in the patient restroom in case assistance is needed
  • Staff failed to properly disinfect reusable medical equipment between patients
  • Staff failed to document the patient’s condition at discharge or who they left with. (repeated violation)
  • Patient records were incomplete – no history and physical, no signature of the employee who completed the recovery room assessment.
  • The patient areas were not maintained and in good repair.
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DISCLAIMER: All of the inspection reports on this site were acquired through public records request to state departments of health and public records online.