Hear from Clinic Workers

Former abortion workers expose the industry’s alleged quotas for abortions and birth control, as well as the minimal information that counts as an adoption referral, how parents are barriers to making the abortion clinic a financial success, and how young, vulnerable pregnant women are manipulated. Most people who go into the abortion industry want to do so in order to help women, yet once they see what really goes on, many are horrified. We need to tell their stories and unmask the abortion industry for what it really is: a predatory, calculated, money-making machine that pounces on women in their most vulnerable times.

Featuring four previous abortion workers:

  • Sue Thayer, former manager at Planned Parenthood
  • Shelley Guillory, former registered nurse at Delta Clinic and Women’s Health
  • Monica Leal Cline, former HIV health educator/Title X training manager at Planned Parenthood
  • Annette Lancaster, former manager at Planned Parenthood

Moderator: Abby Johnson