Planned Parenthood – Norwich

The facility did not have appropriate credentials for the abortion provider’s on file No history and physical on patients before surgical procedures Consents for surgical procedures were signed by a medical assistant and not by a physician. Informed consent must be obtained by the one performing the procedure, not the one assisting. There were two […]

Planned Parenthood – Waterbury

It is noted that the inspection occurred on October 28, 2015 and the letter with the violations was sent on April 8, 2016. The medication refrigerator was stored in the dirty utility room under the sink counter where dirty speculums and probes were washed. This is a violation of infection control and safety policies. There […]

Planned Parenthood – Dallas

Facility failed to ensure physician was performing exams on patients prior to their abortions. There was no documentation to prove exams were being done before abortions as required by law. Facility failed to evaluate patients after abortion to determine readiness for discharge. There was no documentation to prove evidence of evaluation of patient by a […]

Planned Parenthood – Austin

Failure to ensure all patients left the facility in the care of a responsible adult. Seven patient records from those reviewed showed no evidence that patient left facility in the company of a responsible adult and there was no documentation from physician or advanced practice nurse noting the patient capable of leaving unattended. Failure to […]

Today’s Women Medical Center

Facility failed to maintain sterile suturing supplies. Tour revealed several suturing tools and currettes stored in bags in opened containers on a counter in plain view, next to the surgical examination table. At least three currettes had a “build-up of dark colored residue located inside of each loop.” When asked to identify the residue the […]

Planned Parenthood – Harrisburg

The facility has no documented Policy/Procedure regarding a patient who presents for a medical abortion but exceeds the gestational age requirement. The patient restroom was visibly dirty. Personnel files were not kept on site for employees. The facility did not keep copies of reports of abortions that were submitted to the state. Staff had long, […]

Planned Parenthood – Babcock

Staff did not maintain separation of contaminated and sterile instruments The medication refrigerator was located in the dirty utility room Failure to ensure narcotics were locked up and only accessible to licensed medical staff. Unlicensed staff had keys to narcotics medications cabinet with unlimited access. Nursing staff did not hold keys to the narcotics med […]

Planned Parenthood – Little Rock

A complaint was filed in March 2018 against this facility for requiring payment for abortions and services related to abortion before the mandatory 48 hour waiting period. They have 30 days to respond. We will update when we get the report from their response. The facility had no disaster plan in place and the staff […]

Women’s Medical Group

The facility’s quality improvement and assessment program was not adequate to assess the quality of care being provided at the center. This left no measurement for improvement. Assessing and improving the quality of care is paramount. A 15 year old patient came for an abortion and the staff failed to report the possible abuse of […]

Peninsula Medical Center for Women

Facility failed to follow up on the complaints from patients to resolve them Complaints contained no date of investigation or outcome, basically they were ignored. Exam tables were dirty and stained, there was hair in the crevices, the sonogram machine was dirty, the pillows had makeup stains on them (covers had not been changed between […]