Potomac Family Planning Center

Health Violations Administrator failed to protect the clinical record information from loss or misuse. Failure to properly label and handle medications. Improperly labeled multi-dose meds. Did not secure meds OR prescription pads. Repeated deficiencies. Expired Medications and supplies. Repeated deficiencies. Failure to adopt, follow, and or periodically review health and safety protocols. Failed to ensure […]

Planned Parenthood – Watsonville

Health Violations HIPAA violation : prescription belonging to another patient given to a patient; Lab results mailed to the wrong patient (HIPAA violation).

Planned Parenthood – Seaside

Health Violations Staff member was checking the medical record of her family member 17 times in one day (HIPAA breach; unauthorized access).

Planned Parenthood – San Jose

Health Violations HIPAA breach: wrong patient info given upon discharge (prescriptions); Patient information mailed to the wrong patient (HIPAA breach).

Planned Parenthood – Orange

Health Violations HIPAA violation: an employee accessed a patient’s health record without authorization “out of curiosity” Patient requested a copy of their medical record.  When the record was sent to them, the last page belonged to another patient. (HIPAA violation); Patient given wrong log-in info for the web portal and access was granted to another […]

Planned Parenthood – Chula Vista

Health Violations HIPAA violation: patient given a receipt with another patient’s name, address and fees on it. Front desk personnel failed to ensure the confidentiality of a patient by verbalizing the reason for the patient’s visit “loud enough for other patients in the waiting room to hear”.

Planned Parenthood – Chico

Health Violations HIPAA breach of a patient’s record; an employee was seen reading the patient’s medical record like it was a magazine.  The employee was currently dating the patient’s ex boyfriend and was scouring her medical record for information about STD’s.

Planned Parenthood Glendale

Health Violations Medical records review revealed that patient had an adverse reaction (severely low blood pressure) to sedation and it was not reported to the physician or medical director. The RN administering the sedation had no advanced prescribing privileges, in other words she was not licensed to be administering the meds. Physician has no record […]